Maada Consulting & Analytics believes that how one solves problems and realizes opportunities contributes heavily to the sustainability of the result. To that end, we have developed the following mission statements, operating philosophies, and value priorities to guide interactions with clients. 


 Elevate client results through sustainable improvements in pricing capabiities. 


To be a thought leader about pricing and analytics in the field and for our clients. 

Core Philosophy

 Our core philosophy is that pricing decisions will be more aligned with client goals, as they define them, if we can help them integrate their experience and intuition with external data and analytic models.



To build trust with clients that our recommendations are developed completely with their interests at heart. To be humble, yet confident in the quality of our work and the recommendations that flow from them.  To be upfront about the risks and uncertainties around our work and the strategic options facing the client.


To provide high quality work at all times, to give 100%+ on every project, to meet deadlines once provided.  To treat all clients with respect at all times.


To respect the wisdom in the client’s human intelligence embodied in its employees’ collective experience and enhance it with the artificial intelligence of data and analytic models.


To be a joy to work with and work for. (Joy being defined as a state of happiness stemming from a sense of organizational achievement and personal growth.)


Kids Give (Sierra Leone)

Maada Scholarship -- College scholarships for students from African diaspora to attend Lawrence University

Mattru Jong Girls School -- Girls Middle School in Mattru Jong, Sierra Leone.