“Maada” means “Chief” in the language of the Mende tribe of Sierra Leone in West Africa. David Duncombe, the founder of Maada Consulting & Analytics, was named a paramount chief in the village of Mattru in 2006 in gratitude for the help his family provided a local student to complete his higher education in the US. To return the honor, ten percent (10%) of the firm’s profits will support school scholarships in Sierra Leone, Africa and, eventually, a new middle school in Mattru Jong. His family has already endowed a scholarship program for future leaders from West Africa and the Caribbean to help fund their college education at Lawrence University.  




 The Maada Scholarship is an endowed scholarship that provides financial aid to students with leadership potential from Sierra Leone, West Africa, or the Caribbean while attending Lawrence University.  It was initiated in appreciation of the honor that the village of Mattru, Sierra Leone gave our family by making David a paramount chief and in gratitude to the enrichment that we have enjoyed over the years through their connection with students from Sierra Leone, Africa, and the Caribbean that have attended Lawrence University.




KidsGive's mission is to educate student in the US about African life and cultures and promote informed giving while providing children in Sierra Leone with the opportunity to learn and become the next great leaders of their generation.



 A longer-term goal for Maada Consulting & Analytics is to raise enough money to build a new, much needed, middle school for girls in Mattru, Sierra Leone. Today there are few opportunities for adolescent girls to attend school in Mattru beyond primary level. The local leadership sees an opportunity for a middle school for girls in the village to fill this gap.